Using Facebook’s Search Engine to Find Anything

Facebook is the social media service you would be known of and probably you would also be using it regularly. While most of the users use the facebook to post their images or media, standing or like and opinion on other’s posts but none of the users might be using the Facebook’s search bar that is also available for the users. Being unknown of its powerful incorporation and potential the users just bypass the Facebook’s amnesty amazing search club that has the potential to search for all the posts, news, places or the photos. The way away of using the fb search bar for finding something is slightly different from those standard internet search engines but apart from that that one could be used to search for about anything. Here in this article, we now have written about the method through which the Facebook’s lookup engine could be used to search for something like the other traditional search engines. Facebook actually doesn’t have that efficiency for its search engine integrated within by default but by the technique referred to in the article below this could be modified for searching anything. You just go and read out the whole article given below so as to know about the method!

Now you can use Use Facebook’s Search Engine to Find Anything like people, places and lots more that you will get to know by reading the guide that we had discussed below.


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How to Use Facebook’s Search Engine to Find Anything

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow some of the simple steps by step guide discussed below to proceed.

#1 To find the Friends, Groups or the Pages on Facebook     


Looking for the friends on the facebook is a common thing but for superior search results, there are some options on the facebook to filter the results based on the education, work, and the mutual friends. Some other keywords could be used for finding the perfect person on the facebook like:

*My friends, Buddies of my friends, friends of Sarah, my close friends etc.

#2 Trick to Search for the Interests, Likes, Photos and more


Research for the things or the posts likes by the phrases like Pictures of_your friend name, Friends who liked your pictures, pictures loved by me etc. This can make it quick and easy to locate for some great things on facebook in a really fast manner.

#3 Find the Hotels, Restaurants etc.

Searching for the local hotels, restaurants or the places is actually simple on the facebook and the phrases add more cool trick to it. Utilizing the phrases in the lookup keywords like hotels liked by Lisa etc could help you better determine your place that your friends have also visited and liked.

 #4 Search Videos


Use the keywords like a trailer, video clip, music or movie and so on with your searches to get up the movies, videos or the trailers on the facebook. That’s really nice!

 #5 Latest News


Use either hashtags with your search keywords or use the terms like posts, news or links etc to find up the corresponding posts, things on the Facebook search engine.

 #6 Games and Music on Facebook

That one is very amazing because the fb could be used to search for various types of video games, remain updated about their new versions that are just going to be released and so forth The support of humongous users all around the globe helps it be a much simpler to stay stuck with that particular games you look for

 #7 Shop on Facebook


Lookup for something using the Facebook’s search bar and then slide to the shop section bar and narrow down or browse through the resulting options, buy that following that easily! It just works like any other traditional to shop online website.

#8 Know your Facebook History


You could look for all of your facebook background like uploading of any posts, status, images and so on and everything those likes and comments you have made before no matter if you have deleted those in past. To do that you need to go to the URL:

#9 Search any Phone Number


Because the facebook is carrying by it the whole data of men and women using their phone numbers if they have uploaded that therefore it means that you could search for any phone number on the facebook. The only restriction is that the number should have made public by the owner!


After reading the above mentioned article you have now got about the method through which the facebook’s search engine could be enabled to search for anything. This process is absolutely simple and amazingly great to add the search engine compatibility for almost any searches, and there is also no advanced requirement for the same. Hope you might have liked this method and tried it on your device, but if you haven’t tried it still then go now and try it up!


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