Change the Facebook look into a new flat Facebook Design [2 methods]


Today we are usually going to share a hassle-free way to change your Facebook consider a brand new flat Facebook design. This will not only alter the look of your own Facebook, but may also improve your Facebook experience. Have the post to know about it.

Facebook is over and above the need of being launched as almost everyone is usually on it. Hey, men couple of days ago, I had been just surfing Google Chromium website, and I for some reason stumbled after a Chromium Extension. Yes, a Chromium extension that gave our Facebook an all new look. This extension provides a very cool change to Facebook in Search engines Chrome browser. I will tell you the complete guideline by which you can simply get the similar appear in your browser as well. So take a look at complete manual discussed below to proceed.

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How To Change Your Facebook Look into New Flat Facebook Design

So here I was going to discuss the particular way to use that will Chrome extension in your Google Chrome, and after that will, you will soon change your aged look into a cool brand new look. So let’s  follow the particular steps below to move forward.

Features of Facebook Flat Extension:

#  A very cool new design and interface

# Removes all Facebook ads

# Facebook works much faster than the old one.

 #Very useful left panel that allows quick access to main sections

 #Increased readability of the content

Steps To Use Facebook Flat Extension On Your Browser:

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install a cool Google Chrome extension that is Facebook Flat. There just click on Add to Chrome button.


Step 2. Now the downloading process will start and click on Add extension button the popup that appears.


Step 3. Now just tap on the extension button at the right top corner of your browser and after that Chrome extension will get active.

Step 4. Now you need to login to your Facebook account.

Step 5. Now you will see extension will function and you will observe a new design associated with your Facebook timeline plus that will be as well different from your old Facebook look, as all the particular distraction including advertising and any other promotional press will get removed through your timeline.

That’s it! You are done, now you will only see the media that is useful to you and get a new fresh look from your Facebook boring look using the extension.

Making use of Stylish:

Restyle the internet with Stylish, a user styles manager. With Fashionable, you can install designs and skins for a lot of websites and create your very own. This offers many styles for the Facebook. So, let us understand how to use Stylish:

Step 1. First of all, download and install Stylish Extension on your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2. If the extension is not enabled, then you need to enable it by going to Extension Manager and then enable Stylish.

Step 3. Now you will see the icon appearing in your extension bar. You need to enable it.

Step 4. Now you need to visit your Facebook profile and then click on the Stylish extension and choose them that you want to apply.


That’s it! You are done, now you will see your Facebook profile look will be changed.

And this is all about Changing your Old Facebook Appearance into New Flat Facebook Design. With this technique, you may easily get the very cool design look in order to your Facebook timeline by just using this basic Google Chrome extension. Wish you liked the post, you may share with other people too. Leave a remark below being a review associated with this great extension.

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