19 Best Windows 10 Tips and Tricks [Most Useful]

It has quite recently been over 18 months since Windows 10 was officially launched. What’s more, on the off chance that you take a gander at the specialized advancement, Windows has changed hugely and it has done as such rather delightfully. Presently we have an entire distinctive level of elements which are splendid as well as similarly adaptable (from a long-term Windows client’s point of view, obviously).

It’s not basic that we know every one of the tricks that a specific apparatus has in its weapons store. Knowing the couple of vital ones is every one of the one requirements for a smoother encounter.


Highlights — enormous or little — assume a major part in improving efficiency. And keeping in mind that it was a challenging errand of picking and testing them, we have done it and documented it. Phew!


In spite of the fact that you may know some of these, why take the risk of not experiencing this whole article and passing up a great opportunity for some cool ones, isn’t that so? How about we bounce in.

1. Dark Theme

The Windows dull topic arrives in a period when the vast majority of us were exhausted of the customary look (read antiquated). At first, the darker topic could be empowered just through the registry, however now it can be accomplished with only a couple clicks…















Head over to the Settings > Personalisation > Colours, scroll down and choose Dark as the app mode.

[The dark mode would appear mostly in the settings window, though. But explore the other features of this mode and you might end up with a very different looking desktop.]

2. Resize & Unpin Tiles

I adore the begin menu tiles since they were initially propelled, furnishing me with valuable bits of knowledge into the climate, mail pieces, news, Twitter channel, and so forth. Keeping in mind the end goal to receive the most in return, this specific segment can be modified to your most extreme fulfillment.









For example, in the event that you need your most loved tile to involve a significantly more extensive billet, right-tap on it and pick the resize choice. Also, to remove right-click and select Unpin from Start.

Speaking of weather, did you know that just pressing Win+S will show you the weather and news? You know it now.

3. Start Menu Customization

A best aspect regarding customization is that it gives you a chance to accomplish a one of a kind look and Windows isn’t a long ways behind.

The begin menu can be modified from various perspectives. Appropriate from showing the as of late added applications to the often utilized applications, all these can be killed/on relying upon your decision.















You can likewise select to have a full-screen show of the begin menu in all its transcendence through the Use begin full screen alternative.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you need to get your hands on a smooth begin menu, you can begin by expelling every one of the tiles and resizing it.

4. Alternate Start Menu

Clearly, you should realize that you can right-click on the begin catch to get to the Power User Menu, however imagine a scenario in which you require it genuine fast.


Simply hit Win + X and the menu will fly up. The menu holds a ton of valuable applications in its quiver, similar to Command Prompt, Control Panel, Mobility focus, and so forth. What’s more, on the off chance that you will utilize the keys to go around, the up/down keys ought to do the trick.

















Another nifty trick to open the tools swiftly is to just press the underlined letter. For instance, hitting P would open the Control Panel.

5. Snap Windows

An amazing component for the multi-tasker in you. This element gives you a chance to snap the present window to the other side and at the same time open the second one on the opposite side. Simply squeeze Win and right/left bolt key. Likewise, you can simply look through the windows sans the snaps.












Speaking of multitasking, here’s a quick approach to open the pinned apps,

  • Win + 1 — first app
  • Win + 2 — second app, and so on


6. The Cortana Search

Cortana, the Windows individual associate is an intense assistant that can be contrasted with any semblance of Siri or Google Now.

“Microsoft’s voice-initiated virtual collaborator is more than only an immediate connection to Bing (or whatever web crawler you have her to utilize)

And keeping in mind that she can do practically anything appropriate from singing melodies (wager you didn’t realize that) to setting updates, you can likewise modify the way Cortana works. Regardless of whether it’s the kind of cards that you need to see or the information that Cortana gets to, there’s an entire cluster of things stowing away underneath the scratch pad icon.


















Plus, Cortana handles most of the natural language commands seamlessly and while I did face an issue of Siri understanding my accent, Cortana just wowed me.

7. Quick Access Files and Folders from File Explorer

One of the components that I was frantically sitting tight for lastly, Windows 10 addressed my supplications. I think that its attainable to have fast access to the as of late utilized envelopes, yet we are people and we have an extraordinary notoriety of not thinking alike.













So for the individuals who might NOT want to have an open show of their as of late got to documents and envelopes, there’s a significant simple trap to conceal them.


Make a beeline for the record wayfarer and tap on View > Options and uncheck the security checkboxes. The document wayfarer will change to the My PC look.

8. Virtual Desktops

Undertaking View, referred to prominently as Virtual desktops (VD), was included as a standard component in Windows 10 and trust me, VDs can support the efficiency levels. In basic words, you get the chance to have various desktops on your framework.













There are a ton outsider applications that let you have VDs, yet a local one without a doubt beats the chances with regards to solidness and availability. The decision is yours with respect to how you would use this space. First off, you can have a work desktop and a stimulation center point.

Keyboard shortcuts for VD,

  • Open TaskView – Win + Tab
  • New Desktop – Win + Ctrl + D
  • Close the current desktop – Win + Ctrl + F4
  • Scroll through VDs – Win + Ctrl + right/left


9. Command Prompt Shortcuts

The previous versions of Command Prompt did a pro-level job of testing your patience. With Windows 10, it’s quite a breeze as it lets you to use a number of shortcuts in an effortless way.

Keyboard shortcuts for Command Prompt

  • Ctrl + C / V /A – Copy, Paste , Select All
  • Shift + Page Up / Page Down
  • Ctrl + Right/ Left arrow – Text browsing, etc.


10. Annotating in Edge & Calendar Sync.

We tend to for the most part research online nowadays, winding up perusing huge amounts of articles. That likewise implies losing all sense of direction in the ocean of posts and not completing any significant work. That is the point at which the explanation highlight of Edge can come into incredible utilize.










It gives you a chance to comment on a particular region of the site page where you might want to include a note and spare the same for later references.

11. Select Audio Source from the TaskBar

On Windows 10, the sound source determination handle (on the off chance that one can call it a procedure), is perfect. It should be possible appropriate from the solace of your present window.









Simply tap on the volume symbol on the taskbar and select the proper source. Also, when you contrast it with opening the Audio Properties window and after that picking the sound source, this appears like a cakewalk.

12. Record your PC

Already, catching a screenshot or recording a screencast wasn’t conceivable without the utilization of outsider programming. Be that as it may, that is not the situation with Windows 10. You should simply squeeze Win + G and you will be given a minor window with all the essential choices.









Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Win + G+ PrntScr – Screenshot.
  • Win + Alt + R – Screen Recordings.

13. Picture Passwords & PIN

Since traditional passwords are simply so antiquated.

On a genuine note, we as a whole know the vulnerabilities customary passwords posture. Along these lines, the new sign-in choices appear to be a special reward since it gives you an option decision of having a photo or PIN as passwords.















What’s more, not only a plain picture, you should comment on more than three focuses in the photo — these can be a circle, a stroke or a dab on any irregular range.


As pictures have significantly more characters, it’s substantially more secure to utilize them as passwords, if you don’t utilize clear signals in observable spots (over the nose and ears).


14. Block Suggestions/ Ads

Of all the conceivable spots that Windows can promote its items on, it picked the begin menu. Also, on the off chance that you discover these proposals annoying, there’s a direct answer for shut them out — for the last time.















Go to personalization in the settings menu and kill the Occasionally demonstrate recommendations in Start choice (under begin) and stay without ad.


Discussing advertisements, figure out how to sidestep Adblock discovery on sites that truly barrage you with promotions.

15. Find my Device

Ever confronted the irritation of following a lost gadget or a noiseless phone? Indeed, Windows offers the decision from where one can track the last known area of a gadget. It works like Google’s Device administrator.















Contrasted with the phone following, the gadget look has its restrictions. For the time being, just the last known area of a PC can be followed and you won’t have the capacity to wipe or bolt your gadget.

16. Filter Clipboard Contents in Command Prompt

Since charge incite gives you a chance to duplicate glue messages in a jiffy, odds are that you may wind up replicating stuff straight off from a program.

Also, there are equivalent shots that those writings may have some extraordinary characters or an additional tab. So what do you do with the undesirable substance? Expel them physically? Naah, that is excessively old.










All things considered, there’s a decent little component in the order provoke properties which naturally evacuates tabs and unsupported unique characters from the duplicated content (when empowered).

17. Choose Printers

The latest version of Windows allows the system to set any last used printer as the default one. It can be both a boon or a bane for some users. If this setting is an over-kill, head over to the printer settings and turn it off.

The system will no longer switch between different printers and will stick to the default one.

18. Active Hour Updates

Windows 10 has thought of this astounding element which gives you a chance to pick the time when you don’t need updates to be introduced. It’s alluded to as Active Hours and that is empowered with the correct timings. Prepare to say farewell to inopportune updates.















To set the active hours, head over to Settings > Update and security and click on active hours.

19. Block Notifications

Windows PC never prevents from illuminating you on each and every thing, regardless of whether it’s a Java refresh that is accessible or another notice. Furthermore, similar to me, in the event that you are irritated with this element, there’s a simple approach to turn it off.
















All you need to do is head over to Settings >  System and Notifications and actions and turn it off.

For the Android phone users, here’s some tips on how to set reminders for notifications.


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